Tree Policy

JULY 21, 2016

While it is not the Association’s policy to cut down healthy trees, if a homeowner
feels that there is danger or a potential threat posed by a tree near their home/unit,
the homeowner should ask the Board to consider removal of the tree.

There should be NO planting nor removal of trees without prior approval of the Board.

Please note that planting trees of an invasive nature will NOT be approved by the Board.

Any obviously dying tree should be removed (with approval by Board) as soon as possible if it will cause damage to roof/plumbing, etc.

Any limbs of trees which could be considered harmful to any structure including impacting roofs and/or gutters should be trimmed. (with approval by Board)

If trees are to be trimmed/limbed it should be by a licensed, insured and reputable tree service. (with approval by Board)

A minimum of three bids/estimates are required for approval by Board if the cost exceeds $750, whether the cost is borne by the HOA or the homeowner.

Trees and large bushes within patios are the homeowner’s responsibility.  Homeowners must regularly evaluate if patio trees or large bushes need trimming or removal due to touching any part of the home or roof or if roots begin to affect the structure.  Trimming or removal of patio trees or bushes is at the homeowner’s expense.  The Board has the authority to require trimming or removal, at the owners’ expense, if a patio tree or large bush poses potential damage (i.e., wood rot) to the home, fence or gate or hinders storm water drainage.