Pool Rules

Pool Rules

Pool hours are from dawn to 10 PM daily

No life guard is on duty; swim at your own risk

Pool capacity: 26 persons maximum

The Pool Rules are important to the enjoyment and safety of everyone using the pool facility.  The facility consists of the pool, pool deck, cabana, bathrooms, storage room, wooden deck, pool furniture, gates and fencing.  We can all enjoy our pool by following these rules:

  2. Children under 14 must be accompanied by a homeowner or resident who is at least 18 years of age.
  3. Items such as the safety rope in the pool, and the Shepherd’s Crook, lifesaver ring, and large net that hang near the pool are required by the Florida Department of Health who regularly inspects our pool facility.  Do not remove or play with these items.  Take special care not to sit on or tug on the safety rope in the pool or allow children to do so.
  4. No one except the pool chairperson, a board member, or Bobo’s cleaning service or Pool Tech should use the hose.  No one but Pool Tech service personnel is to add water to the pool.  If a resident or guest is found to be adding water to the pool, they could lose their pool privileges.
  5. No animals are allowed in the pool facility.
  6. No glass containers are allowed in the pool facility.
  7. No smoking or use of tobacco is allowed in the pool facility.
  8. No running or horseplay is allowed in the pool facility.
  9. No alcoholic drinks are allowed in the pool facility.
  10. No diving is allowed.
  11. When “Closed” signs are posted at the pool facility, no one is allowed in for any reason.  Do not remove “Closed” signs.
  12. When entering or leaving by either gate, be sure the gate closes behind you.  This is a Department of Health requirement.  
  13. Shower before entering the pool.
  14. If you bring snacks or drinks to the pool, throw all trash in the available trash bins.
  15. If a homeowner, resident or guest has a mobility challenge, a portable ramp is available in the storage room.  Contact a Board member to obtain the key.  When leaving, return the ramp to the storage room, lock it, and promptly return the key to the Board member.
  16. If a homeowner or resident is unsure of the code to enter either gate, he or she must contact a Board member.  Please do not share the code with others.
  17. Watch the weather.  Every year lightning kills many more people in the U.S. than hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes combined.  Because of its random nature, lightning can strike miles away from where you think thunder is rumbling.
    If you hear thunder get out of the pool immediately and get indoors.  You may return to the pool facility when a half hour passes after the last sound of thunder.  

Reservations for Private Parties

You may host a private pool party, not to exceed four (4) hours, by completing the following:

  • Obtain approval from the Board of Directors at least three (3) weeks ahead of the event.
  • Once approved by the Board, notify all homeowners and residents of the date and time of the event at least two (2) weeks ahead by placing a written notice at the entry door or gate to every home, NE and SE.
  • Several days ahead of the event, make two (2) signs about the private party, including date and time, and attach them to the pool fence near each gate.
  • Clean up after the event.  Place all trash, drink cans, the signs you made and placed near the pool gates, disposable decorations, etc., in a plastic bag and take it home with you for disposal. Other items you wish to keep, including balloons, dishware, towels, etc., must also go home with you, otherwise they’re likely to be discarded. 
  • The Pool Rules on page one (1) still apply during your pool party.
  • Have fun!