No one likes them, but we can’t avoid them.

Should a Villas homeowner experience an emergency to their home such as a sewage back up, the homeowner must immediately call the Manager if the situation occurs during normal business hours, Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 4:00pm, except for holidays. See “About Us”, above for contact information.  Should the emergency occur outside of normal business hours or if the Manager cannot be reached immediately, the homeowner must handle the emergency him/herself.  Please do not call the Manager outside of business hours.

Because they have a history of performing excellent work at fair prices and are licensed and insured, the Villas Board uses the following vendors and recommends that homeowners do likewise:

Plumbing – for sewage backup or a burst pipe that must be taken care of immediately:

White’s Plumbing  576-3510

Keith McNeill Plumbing  562-5504

Tree/Limb Removal – during a storm, should a tree or large limb damage the roof allowing rain to enter the home:

Terry Tree Service of North FL  539-5562

AAA Tree Experts  385-3319

If the homeowner arranged for the emergency to be handled, the Manager needs an email from the homeowner as soon as possible describing the situation (hoamanager@villashoa.net).  For homeowners without email, the homeowner must call the Manager the next business day.

Remember that an emergency occurring inside the home, such as an overflowing washing machine, is the homeowner’s responsibility.  If it occurs outside the home, such as tree roots causing sewage backup in the bathroom, the HOA is responsible.  The homeowner will be reimbursed upon submittal of the vendor’s invoice to the Manager.  The invoice needs to clearly describe the situation.

Other Emergencies – if a homeowner becomes aware of a situation that needs the City of Tallahassee’s attention, such as flooding on Pinewood Dr. that may rise into backyards, call Mr. Moore with the City at 891-1324.  And of course, dial 911 if the situation requires the fire or police department or emergency medical service involvement.