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Important Information for Prospective Villas Homeowners

1.   As a prospective buyer of a home in the Villas, please be aware that each homeowner must adhere to the Declaration of Covenant and Restrictions, the Rules and Regulations, and the By-Laws governing the neighborhood.  These are legal documents, filed with the Leon County Clerk of the Court, and may be found on the Villas website (villashoa.net).  In addition, formal policies also direct certain activities within the neighborhood and may be found on the Villas website.  These documents ensure that the community maintains a high level of upkeep and repair, an attractive and cohesive “curb appeal,” and provides security and safety for all residents.  All prospective buyers are strongly encouraged to read these documents before purchasing a home at the Villas.

2.  Once you’ve purchased a home in either Villas Court Southeast or Villas Court Northeast, membership in the Villas Homeowners’ Association is mandatory.  Members elect a Board of Directors annually to run the affairs of the Association, assisted by Executive Management Service, Inc., a contracted management company.

3.  Each homeowner is obligated to pay a monthly dues assessment to the Association, which is subject to change.  Dues must be received by the first of the month and are considered late, incurring a late charge and service fee, after the 10th of the month.  The Association encourages homeowners who pay monthly to set up automatic payments through their bank.  Contact the Association managers for details.  Prepayments ahead (3 months, 6 months, 1 year) are also appreciated.

4.  The monthly dues assessment covers the cost of grounds and tree maintenance; management services; pool upkeep and repair; city water/sewer services; termite and pest control services; exterior carpentry, sidewalk and driveway repair; roof cleaning and repair; exterior plumbing repair; Association liability insurance; storm water control; and other required purchases or services that maintain the Villas in quality condition.

5.  In addition to the monthly dues, each homeowner is obligated to pay any special assessment imposed by the Association for major projects such as exterior painting and roof replacement. Special assessments are voted and approved by the majority of affected homeowners.
(a)  The NE had a $ 3,500 special assessment per homeowner in 2019 for the exterior painting of all units; and a $8,200 per homeowner in 2021 for the replacement of all roofs. Roof replacement will start in February 2022.
(b)  The SE had a $1,000 special assessment in 2021 per homeowner for: pressure washing the exterior of all SE units (not including sidewalks or curbs); 148 SE (A, B and C) roof replacement; 196 tree removal, retaining wall behind 183 NE (shared expense SE 60% and NE 40%): and 116B rebuild due to wood rot.
(c)  A SE special assessment is anticipated for exterior painting and roof replacement for all units from 2022 to 2026, the exact cost of which has not been determined.

6.  Each homeowner is responsible for all interior maintenance and repair, such as plumbing; electrical work; appliance repairs; cable television; internet access; and wall, ceiling, floor, and counter/cabinet repair or replacement.  All glass surfaces such as windows and sliding doors are also the homeowner’s responsibility.

7.  Each homeowner must secure his/her own homeowner’s insurance and, if desired, separate flood insurance. A copy of the current declaration page showing the coverage and date must be sent to the Association manager.  Any time the insurance policy is updated or changed, the current copy must be forwarded to the Association manager.  Most insurance companies will send the current declaration page directly to the Association manager upon the policy holder’s request.

8.  Before purchasing a home in the Villas, a prospective buyer must become aware of any and all changes that were made to the home by any previous owner.  The new homeowner is responsible for maintaining all known alterations to the home, patio, and exterior garden or landscaped area. This includes, but is not limited to, enclosed patios, added gutters or doors, landscaping, gardens, fountains, storage sheds, any covered area not original to the home, and in the Northeast, an additional room from a garage enclosure.  Such changes or additions to the original home or grounds, no matter when they were made, are now the new homeowner’s responsibility.  Prospective buyers are encouraged to check court records and consult with the seller regarding changes or alterations.  The Villas’ managers are also a good source of information regarding alterations.

9.  To maintain the integrity of the Villas, the Board of Directors must prior-approve all architectural and landscape changes.  Homeowners are encouraged to use the Homeowner Request Form on the Association’s website to request Board review and action before initiating the change. .  The form serves to communicate to the Board and Association managers the homeowners request, as well as other issues in the neighborhood the homeowner believes may need attention.

#10  The Association Board and manager are dedicated to keeping all homeowners informed of activities and/or projects affecting our neighborhood.  Whether it’s a paving project that might impact parking, water shut-off due to a plumbing repair, the annual termite inspection, or other similar situations, and of course, notice of the monthly Board meetings with copies of minutes and financial reports, we strive to keep everyone informed!  Email is our most efficient method of communication, so please help us by sending your name, phone number and email address to the Association manager as soon as you purchase your home in the Villas.

 About US

The mission of The Villas Homeowners’ Association is to preserve and enhance the property of our neighborhood by maintaining the common areas, and upholding our Covenants, By Laws and policies. The Board is here to serve the Homeowners by taking a fair, ethical and objective approach in representing the interests of all homeowners. It is our goal to provide all Homeowners with a neighborhood where the values of safety, harmony, respect and community are honored and upheld.

Our Mailing Address is:
Villas Homeowners Association, Inc.
PO Box 3481
Tallahassee, Fl. 32315

Villas HOA is professionally managed by Executive Management Services, Inc.

Villas HOA Board


Position Name
Community Association Managers Kayla McKee
Executive Management Services, Inc.
(850) 878-3134 ext. 307
President Joan Kanan – 182NE
Vice-President Scott Holloway – 148-A SE
Treasurer  Gail Brown – ? SE
Secretary Mary McCormick-100C SE
At Large Director Robert Hawken – 189NE