Architectural Change Request

The Villas Homeowners Association Architectural Review Application

To expedite applications, please submit at least 10 days prior to any scheduled monthly Board meeting . The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) will review all applications for completeness and ensure the request meets *HOA approved Design Standards and Policies. as well as any Covenants or use restrictions in the recorded Declaration. The ACC will then make their recommendation to the Board. The property owner will be notified

when request is placed on the Board meeting Agenda and is encouraged to attend the relevant meeting.

*Refer to Master Paint Colors, Tree Policy, Covenants Available on the Villas HOA website:

By submitting this application I agree to all of the following.

I understand and agree to the following:
That approval by the Villas HOA Board shall in no way be construed as to pass judgement on the correctness of the location, structural design, suitability of water flow or drainage, location of utilities or other qualities of the proposed project.

That it is my responsibility and obligation to obtain all required building permits and to construct the improvements in conformance with all applicable building and zoning codes.

That it is my responsibility and obligation to ensure that modifications are only made within the confines of my property and may not conflict with any recorded easements, including sight distance easements and I am solely responsible to ascertain the location of such property lines and easements.

That any modifications to the property from its’ original desige will become MY financial responsibility if the HOA approves this request. I DO understand this if and when the HOA Board of Directors approves it.

Incomplete applications will be returned:

ACC Application Request

ACC Application Request

Use this form for any requests that may need ACC and/or Board approval

Modification Request: Select ONE
ARCHETECTURAL - Check all that apply
Work to be performed by:

Maximum file size: 8.39MB


By submitting this request, I agree that any modifications performed by me will become MY responsibility in the future and that the HOA will not be responsible for any maintenance or upkeep of this modification.

Application must include the following:

◆ Color photos showing proposed project location

◆ Material sample (if available), product brochure, or color photo

Drawing of proposed project

Any relevant relationship to existing structures

Homeowner: Do not continue beyond here:

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Archetectural Committee Recommendations:

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Basis for Recommendation: ________________________________________________________
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Villas HOA Board of Directors approved this request.
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