Homeowner GENERAL Request

Manager AND all Board Members will receive a copy of your request below.

The Covenants and Restrictions that govern the Villas Homeowners’ Association require the Board of Directors to review and authorize changes or repairs to the exterior of each home and yard prior to the start of the project. Use separate form on this site for Architectural  change requests.

This form may be submitted online below.

Please remember that the Association is not responsible for maintaining every aspect of your home nor approving every project you wish to undertake. If you are uncertain if a project requires Board approval, please complete and submit this form just to be on the safe side.

Types of Requests

  • MINOR Repair and Maintenance are those areas of the home that need “fixing,” such as repairing wood rot or a leaky roof, repairing a gate or fence, exterior painting, insect issues, etc. It does not include adding fencing or other major projects.  Use the MAJOR Architectural Change Request form for MAJOR changes.
  • MINOR Landscape Changes are those changes to the front, back or sides of the home, such as removing or planting a tree, removing, replacing or planting new bushes, shrubs, hedges, etc. This does not apply to the area close to the front of the home; homeowners are at liberty to plant small flowers or grasses of their choosing in the area immediately in front of their homes, nor does it apply to enclosed patios. Bushes/shrubs immediately in front of the home will need Board approval if changes are planned.
  • Other Requests are those issues that are not part of the homeowner’s property but need to be brought to the Board’s attention, such a potential problem at the pool, entryway maintenance, dangerous-looking limbs or trees on property adjacent to the Villas, etc.

Note that the Board may only act on a request from a homeowner. If a tenant resides in the home and submits a request, the Board will automatically disapprove the request.

If you wish to submit any documents, there’s a place at the bottom to UPLOAD files so you can use that.

Homeowner Requests
Describe the work or project being requested in as much detail as possible. If this request will be at the homeowner's expense, please state that, and include the contractor or company you plan to use, if known, or if you plan to complete the project yourself. Note that drawings and specifications for some Architectural and Landscape requests may need to be submitted to the Board. You will be notified if this is the case.

Maximum file size: 8.39MB