Paint 7 NE Units

1: Pressure Wash 7 units: 171, 173, 175, 177, 190, 192 and 194 NE.

2: Scrap any loose paint as needed.

3: Caulk and putty all areas where needed.

4: Primer paint any new wood repairs that were made due to wood rot.

5: BRUSH/ROLLER paint all 7 units with 2 Coats of “Quality” paint and trim. Bid should state brand name of paint to be used. NO SPRAYING

6: Painting of all 7 units includes entire unit plus the wrought iron gates and trim, including house numbers, which must be removed, painted separately, then reattached to the unit, using appropriate paint for wrought iron metal

7: Colors of paint and trim for all 7 units to be provided by the HOA prior to commencement of job.

Since these units will be partially responsible for the PAINTING phase, contractors should be aware that any WOOD ROT detected will be done before painting is started because the HOA is responsible for the wood rot expenses separately from the painting.

NE Paint Proposal Submission

If you wish to submit your proposal via Company Letterhead, send a PDF or WORD DOC to